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Attorney Michael Notaro

Every landlord needs a trusted legal counselor. Attorney Michael Notaro represents property owners in

commercial landlord/tenant issues

residential landlord/tenant issues

real estate transactions

property nondisclosure claims

We advise landlords in everything from forming the rental (lease) agreement to terminating problem tenancies (Eviction)

Our Practice Areas

Notaro Law Group Is An Alameda, California Based Law Firm Specializing In Commercial And Residential Landlord/Tenant Issues, Real Estate Transactions And Property Nondisclosure Claims. Few Disputes Can Be As Stressful And Threatening As Real Estate Problem. With Over 44 Years Of Experience In The Real Estate Industry, Michael Notaro, Esq. Brings An Unparalleled Depth Of Legal Knowledge And Practical Experience To Help Solve Your Real Estate Concerns.
Commercial Landlord Tenant Issues

We represent property owners, developers, insurers and brokers in a wide spectrum of commercial landlord tenant disputes. From drafting and negotiating commercial real estate leases to guarantees, subordination, nondisturbance and forbearance agreements, we meet the needs of our transaction driven clients. We advised our clients in resolving disputes over security deposits, tenant improvements (TI’s), insurance, trade fixtures, common area maintenance fees (CAMs), non-competition clauses, zoning disputes, use restrictions and waste. Our office files eviction actions for nonpayment of commercial rent, breach of covenant, nuisance claims, property damage and unauthorized assignment and sublease. During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we have negotiated payment plans and enforced force majeure, impossibility of performance and frustration of purpose claims.

Residential Landlord Tenant Issues

Our office represents East Bay residential landlords in the eviction of tenants for nonpayment of rent, hoarding, illegal prostitution, discharging fire arms, illegal sublease, excessive noise, breach of covenant, criminal activity, nuisance, housing dangerous animals and enforcing repair rights. We advise clients in the acquisition and disposition of tenant occupied properties, including tenant buy-out strategies and guide clients through the labyrinth of codes, statutes and ordinances that regulate the residential landlord-tenant relationship in rent control jurisdictions. We represent landlords in owner move-in (OMI) evictions of tenant occupied properties. Our depth of experience allows us to quickly and effectively resolve most landlord-tenant disputes or litigate disputes through to final judgment where needed.

Real Estate Transactions

We offer advice to clients at all stages of the real property acquisition and disposition process, working closely and cooperatively with real estate brokers, tax advisors, architects and outside consultants to achieve a successful result. Comprehensive review of sale agreements, money deposits, contingency issues, loan documentation, environmental concerns, nuisance claims, code enforcement, HOA covenants, encroachments and title issues help maximize our client’s return on investment. Additionally, we counsel property managers, developers and landlords on their legal rights and obligations, as well as best practices for mitigating liability in both commercial and residential real estate transactions.

Property Nondisclosure Claims

Buyers of real estate–often homes but also commercial buildings– may discover the seller failed to disclose important and costly defects. The excitement of a new purchase is quickly ruined by the revelation of unexpected major repairs, including undisclosed structural or mechanical problems. We assist parties in evaluating a seller’s accidental omissions, negligent misrepresentation or fraud by concealment claims and professionally resolve matters through mediation, arbitration or traditional litigation methods.

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What Our Client's Say

“Attorney Michael Notaro was superb! He helped me with a complex commercial eviction in Oakland involving commercial space and a lot nearby.”
Alameda, CA
“We found Mr. Notaro to be very personable, knowledgeable and very professional.”
Oakland, CA
“A very experienced, knowledgeable, pragmatic, trustworthy and astute attorney who gets the job done in the face of rather difficult circumstances.”
Oakland, CA
“Michael is winsome, persuasive and persistent.”
Oakland, CA
“I am deeply grateful and highly recommend Mr. Notaro. He obtained a great result for me.”
Oakland, CA
“Michael is a hard worker and dedicated to service. One night, he even stayed at his office late waiting for us to arrive to sign a closing demand. Not many attorneys will do that. Michael helped pull together our sale with his hard work, smarts and skill.”
San Leandro, CA
“Very pleased that I chose to work with Michael in helping me remove a problem tenant. He went above and beyond in getting extra background info that proved helpful to the case.”
Folsom, CA
“Michael represented me through a very difficult non-disclosure mediation and I was very happy with his performance throughout the ordeal. He was very communicative, easy to deal with and the final cost was in line with our original consultation.”
San Francisco, CA
“After absorbing Michael's counsel, I embarked on a course of action that spanned several months. Michael was instrumental in guiding the process from start to finish, and I am so thankful for Michael's involvement. He has my 100% endorsement.”
San Carlos, CA
“Mr. Notaro is an extremely helpful and reasonable attorney. He helped me greatly with sound advice and assistance.”
Clearlake, CA

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Alameda, CA 94501

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